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Ms. Maria Teresa Sieg
Other Info:
Hello SENIORS and parents.
Welcome to English IV Honors and Regular. It is my philosophy that from from literature and language, we can all learn to find and enjoy the beauty, power and poignancy afforded through words.
Throughout this year you will enjoy numerous multi-cultural literary pieces -- from novels to short stories, essays, informational texts, poetry and plays, both fiction and non-fiction. You will learn to read, write about and appreciate these selections.You will also polish your grammatical skills and enhance your vocabulary while honing your skills for either the ACT, SAT and/or the FSA. In so doing, you will have prepared for your studies after graduation.
I look forward to teaching you and hope that I can inspire in you an appreciation for all kinds of literature. Again, welcome to my class.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Please review class expectations, rules and required materials by clicking on "Expectations" to the left of this note. Additionally, a reminder: all students are required to store cell phones in book bags and place these at the front of the room on test days. Cell phones may not be used during class nor are they allowed on desks during regular lessons. Doing so, will result in an "F" for the day.